Packing for trips is an art form. Not only are you forced to squeeze outfits into the limited space in your suitcase, you’re also forced to find space to accommodate your toiletries. Most people have a plethora of daily toiletries, and if they veer off that list, their morning routine is anything but smooth. As we jump into Summer, here are some tips on packing each and every one of your toiletries while you travel!

Tip #1:

My first tip to clients is to always keep a toiletry bag ready to go. Rather than spending the time packing a toiletry bag each and every time you travel, have it on hand so you can easily pack it in your suitcase. Don’t use these toiletries regularly at home (with the exception of maybe your electric toothbrush and makeup).

Tip #2:

Clients often ask if they should buy branded travel-size toiletries or use reusable bottles. I always recommend using reusable bottles. They can be refilled, which makes them eco-friendly, and you can choose your favorite toiletries without being limited by the drugstore options. My favorite travel tubes are the Travelon Smart Tubes, which are sold at The Little Details Studio. #shoplocal They are the correct size for your carry-on bag limitations.

Tip #3:

Trying to figure out which toiletry bag to buy? My weakness at TJMaxx is the travel section that’s filled with pretty patterned bags. Buy one large enough to store all of your toiletries so you don’t have multiple bags. If it has multiple compartments that’s even better so all of your toiletries can stay sorted by category (makeup together, dental together, hair products, etc).

Tip #4:

When purchasing a toiletry bag I also suggest buying one that has mesh or transparent pockets so you can easily see what’s in each compartment. We also love using a bag that has a hanging component so you can easily access all of your toiletries right in front of you. Check out this one with multiple size pockets for different sized toiletries. Also notice the zippers that keep the bottles in place making things easy to find. Transparent pockets are best, so you can see everything you have!

Tip #5: 

Here’s how to pack your toiletries into categories:

  • makeup
  • liquid products
  • dry products
  • dental products
  • shower soap (shampoo, conditioner, body wash)
  • lotions
  • hair products

I also like to make sure my liquids are in a waterproof bag in case of any leaking. This can be as simple as storing them in a Ziploc bag within your travel bag.

Tip #6:

Now here’s one thing not to keep with your travel toiletries: hotel toiletries. If you’re low on your body wash or shampoo, keep the hotel sample on hand for the rest of your trip. However, if you have multiple bags of free samples, let ‘em go! Having multiples of the hotel shampoos only leads to clutter. Fun fact is to donate any of your extra travel-size toiletries to homeless shelters where they will distribute them to people in need.

Tip #7:

Once you get back from your trip, refill your shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion so you’re ready to go for the next trip!

Packing for your trip should not be the most stressful part of traveling. Make it easy for yourself by having your toiletries ready to go at a moments notice and the right products to contain them!

Written by Mia Salmo

Mia Salmo

Professional Organizer