This is part one of a two part blog on how to organize your purse and wallet. After all, this is something you’re grabbing at the beginning of everyday and take with you everywhere. Needless to say, it should be as organized as possible. 

First things first: dump out everything inside of your purse. Sort like with like ie: bills, credit cards, coins, make up, cough drops, etc. into their own piles.

Here’s what you can immediately get rid of:

  1. Chapstick missing it’s top
  2. Expired coupons 
  3. Dirty Kleenex 
  4. Ear buds missing their rubber bud


Grab all of your loose change and sort it all together. There’s no need to keep 5 pounds of change weighing down your purse. Either gather what you need into your wallet or use a small change purse to keep it all organized. 

Get down to the nitty gritty:

Decide what reallyneeds to live in your purse. Your purse doesn’t need to be the catchall of everything that doesn’t have another home. Instead of keeping everyone and their mothers business card in your purse, add them to your contacts in your phone or take a photo of the card. Keep one pair of sunglasses in your purse rather than your whole collection. 

Give everything a home: there’s nothing worse than having all of your items floating around in the dark abyss of your purse. Make sure you’ve invested in a purse that has great storage including pockets and inserts to hold your belongings. 

Purse vs. wallet:

Decide which items are going to live in your purse versus your wallet. Next blog we’ll give you the dirty details on how to organize your wallet!


Make sure you go through your purse weekly to dump any excess that hasn’t made its way to its’ final destination. Taking 5 minutes once a week will save you oodles of time when you’re on the go and looking for your go to lipstick. 

Products to help organize your purse:

Consider trying this purse organizer or this one. It gives every item a home within your purse and gives you the ease of transferring everything from one purse to the next in a jiffy.

Written by Mia Salmo

Mia Salmo

Professional Organizer