Linen closets are one of the most utilized closets in a home and often one of the most disorganized. Wouldn’t it be nice to immediately pull out a set of sheets and have the matching pillowcases with it? Or grab a hand towel without the entire stack of towels crashing down? If you’re desperately waving your hands in the air then this blog has got you covered.  

First, pull everything out of your linen closet. This may seem daunting, but often times there are things in a linen closet that simply don’t belong. If your linen closet has high shelves, make sure you take out your step ladder to make sure that a pillow case hasn’t gotten shoved out of sight to the back corners of the closet.

Once everything is pulled out, start to pair like with like. Put all of the right sets of sheets together (don’t worry about folding yet) and then decide how you’d like to keep your towels organized. Sometimes people like to keep the towel sets together, while others like to keep bath towels separated from hand towels and same with wash cloths. 

Now it’s time for the big purge! We suggest having two to three sets of sheets per bed (the third set can be a flannel set for winter). Take this opportunity to get rid of any sheets that aren’t soft enough for you, ripped, stained, not your style anymore or missing their counterparts. Likewise, purge any towels that have bleach stains, are ripped, have lost their luster, etc. Before you move to the next step, make sure that all of your linens are clean before you fold them and put them away.

Unsure of what to do with your unwanted linens? Bring them to your nearest animal shelter so they can be used as stuffing for beds or cleaning of the crates or animals!

Onto the fun part. Folding! One trick to keeping your sheet sets always together is to tuck your top and bottom sheets into their corresponding pillow case (once they’re folded). Another option is to fold your pillow cases and bottom sheet into a bundle with the top sheet wrapping it all together. If you’re still trying to figure out how to fold a fitted sheet (don’t worry you are NOT alone), check out this link. To fold your towels, check this out. 

The next step to make your life even easier is to sort all of your linens by size. Put the king size sheets together, twin size, etc. To take it one step further, label the shelves with the sheet size using your label maker so there isn’t any confusion as to what you’re taking. Another tip is to use a fabric marker (like this one) to label the size on the sheet tag since often times they are not labeled.

If you have bulky blankets that aren’t being used at the moment, tuck those into the bottom of the closet to maximize the space. You can put them into a space bag to keep them protected or shrink them down to a smaller size.

If there are smaller items that don’t have a home, you have a few options. You can either categorize them and put them into a labeled bin as a divider between categories or add an over the door shoe organizer (like this one) where you can categorize and label each pocket containing smaller objects.

Voila! The next time you’re in charge of changing the sheets and towels in your home, do it with ease! Immediately find what you’re looking for and know that your set is clean and complete when you pull it out. Take before and after pictures of your masterpieces, tag us @TLDBoston and we’ll feature them on our Instagram! 

Happy Organizing!

Written by Mia Salmo

Mia Salmo

Professional Organizer