As the saying goes, “if you’re lucky enough to have _______, you’re lucky enough.” In this case, if you’re lucky enough to have a laundry room, you’re lucky enough. With that being said, if your laundry room is more of a headache than a haven, we need to reassess what’s working and what isn’t. Read below to find out ways to keep your laundry room organized including recommended products that we love best for the space. 

When first working with laundry it’s always most helpful to have designated sorting bins. Split your darks from your lights, white from the bright and consider having additional baskets for delicates, hand wash items or anything that needs to be dry cleaned or repaired. Side note: If you’re constantly finding that your socks are heading to never never land, we suggest using a small bin to hold any missing partners.

For laundry bin recommendations, we often suggest using this option because of it’s removable sorting bins that hold a good amount and also has a rod for any air dry pieces. You want to make sure that the bins don’t allow for too much clothing or you’re going to be stuck in the cycle of having to do multiple loads at once. It’s also important for the bins or baskets to be easily portable. 

Another suggestion for any laundry room is to have a drying rack for air dry clothing. We love this one because it easily tucks back into place when it’s not in use. If you’re renting your space or not up for installing the first option to the wall, I personally use this one which can hold a decent amount and folds up nicely when I’m not doing laundry. If you’re lucky enough to have an ELFA unit in your laundry room, we suggest simply installing a valet rod for any air dry clothing. 

Often times people ask what to do with their “wear-again clothing.” Aka anything that they’ve worn once or twice that isn’t quite ready to be cleaned, but they don’t want to put it back into their closet or dresser with clean clothes. In this case, we suggest using a hook system where you can hang the wear-again’s until it’s time for them to be cleaned. We’ve been having fun with these wall hooks that add a pop of color to your closet and won’t dent your clothing like a sharp hook can. 

Don’t forget to remember that your laundry supplies such as stain removers, detergents, dryer sheets/balls should be put into labeled categories. Then figure out the best way to store them whether it be in their own separated bins or tucked into an ELFA over the door hanging unit.

If your laundry room also houses other cleaning supplies, we suggest putting them into a caddy so that they’re easily transportable. And if you’re an ironing guru, try using this over the door ironing board & iron holder to save space. 

Looking for a surface to do your folding? Consider buying this table from IKEA that has folding leaves so when it’s not in use it’s taking up minimal space. You can also use the drawers for extra storage of sewing kits, dryer balls, spot cleaners, etc. 

If the issue is that you have a constant overflow of laundry spilling out of bins then we’re going to suggest making a scheduled time weekly or more often so it doesn’t feel constantly out of control. In Stasia’s house, she has “Wash Wednesday” so she doesn’t have to spend her weekend doing laundry.

Feeling inspired? Go start a load of laundry right after you exit this blog and figure out which systems will work best for you! In the end, you will be so happy you’re spending more time doing the things you love and less time feeling overwhelmed by your lump of unmentionables hiding in the corner of your closet. 

Written by Mia Salmo

Mia Salmo

Professional Organizer