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The holidays are coming!
The holidays are coming!!!

We know this time of year can become very stressful, very fast. Buying presents. Decorating the house. Planning big family dinners. Coordinating the kids’ school breaks. It’s a lot to handle by yourself. Let us help!

If this time of year feels overwhelming, maybe you need some help. The Little Details can help get your home and office ready for the holidays with our decorating and organizing services. We will sort through your current decorations and help you decide which items to keep, donate or throw away. Then we decorate the space for you or with you. If you have family holiday traditions, we’ll make sure we honor them, otherwise we’ll help you create new traditions. Once the holidays are over, we come back to organize your decorations so you can be super organized for next year.

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11.7 BLOG - color coordinateColor coordinate your bins

If you don’t have bins to organize your decorations yet, pick some different colored ones. You won’t need to label the outside of your bin if you know what’s inside! Just imagine: orange bins for Halloween, red or green for Christmas, blue for Chanukkah and any other color combinations you want.


11.7 BLOG - take inventoryTake inventory of your current decorations
Make a list and check it twice, then go out and purchase what you need. It’s so important to know what storage and decorations you’ll need before you go and buy new ones. The last thing you need during the busy holiday season is another trip to return something you already had.


11.7 BLOG - let goLet go
Twinkly lights that are burnt out; chipped or cracked ornaments; home-made decorations that are falling apart and that ugly centerpiece your neighbor bought you three years ago can all be donated, recycled or thrown away. You don’t need to keep things that you won’t display. Let it go.


11.7 BLOG - sort by categorySort your decorations by categories
When taking your inventory, note the categories of decorations you already have. Are they indoor decorations? Outdoor? Table settings and party supplies? Tree trimmings? It’s also a great idea to separate by area of the house so you can easily see what items you need to buy to decorate that room.


11.7 BLOG - store safelyStore your decorations
Keeping your organized bins in one area is key. Whether it’s the garage, basement, attic or a specific closet in your home, it’s smart to keep them all together so you can easily find them when the holidays creep up on you.


11.7 BLOG - Have Fun!Have fun!
Including your family and friends in the decorating process can bring joy to everyone, while lessening the stress you may feel. Put on some fun holiday music, light a few pinecone scented candles and put some gingerbread cookies in the oven. Most importantly, make sure you enjoy the holiday season!


‘Tis the season…
Here are 40 great tree decorating ideas from HGTV, some fun facts and tips for December and decorating trends for 2015. Stop by our shop to see some of our favorite holiday organizing products.


And it’s your lucky day…
This holiday season we are offering $100 off organizing sessions dedicated to holiday decorating (and un-decorating). The promotion expires January 31, 2016. Use Promo Code “TLDdecorate” when scheduling your session.

Written by Stasia Steele

Stasia Steele

Owner of The Little Details and Expert Professional Organizer