Happy Earth Day, Earthlings! We have a special guest blog today by our spell-casting friends at LightHaus in Salem, MA. Read on about their amazing cleaning products made of all organic and plant-based ingredients including some sustainably harvested oils and fair trade whenever possible products which we sell at The Little Details Studio! They also include great tips on green cleaning with what you already have in your home. What a perfect Earth Day treat!

At LightHaus we’re so excited to see the world turning to cleaner, greener products. As a collective we’re all finally realizing that there are pollutants and chemicals in some brands that are not only bad for you, your children or pets, but damaging to the Earth herself.

Embrace the power of plants! Simple, old ingredients still work. Ask your Nanas! So many other cleaners have harmful petroleum based chemicals just to create an exaggerated amount of suds because visually that is pleasing to us. But suds don’t necessarily equal clean! We need to shift our idea of “clean” and of what is really important. We utilize plant-based surfactants, which don’t give you the same suds, but do give you the same clean. And it can be returned to the Earth without causing damage. 

We use all organic and plant-based ingredients to make LightHaus cleaning products including some sustainably harvested oils and fair trade whenever possible. We just knew offering a product that would work really well without any harmful chemicals or pollutants was totally possible and so that’s just where we started. Then we made it magic! It felt natural and exciting to share “spells” and the essences of plants and stones that we work with and love as witches and healers. 

We choose to make cleaning more of an energetic practice. LightHaus Cleaning Products are made to help you clean with intention — that means setting intentions for yourself and your home while you clean. Thinking about the energy of your home is just as important as cleaning the grime off the counter!

Besides using products without pollutants (like LightHaus!) you can do these things to make your cleaning regimen a little bit greener:

  1. Have cleaning rags handy instead of always reaching for a paper towel. Reduce waste! Cleaning rags work just as well, if not better than paper towels. Keep a tote with rags next to your cleaners so you always grab one when you start to clean.
  2. Switch to a cloth mop or use reusable Swiffer sleeves. You can find mops with washable heads at Target now so you don’t even have to spend a lot of money on something fancy. 
  3. Use sea sponges, naturally made scrubbers, or rags instead of plastic. The Earth already made sponges that aren’t made of polyurethane.
  4.  Switch to a cleaning concentrate and reuse your spray bottles. We even have concentrates of some of our cleaners here!
  5.   Use a strainer in your drains to prevent clogs and don’t be afraid to snake your drain! Most drain de-clogging solutions are terrible for the environment. 
  6. Ditch artificial air fresheners. They’re filled with chemicals, and some have proven dangerous for pets. Plus, we make a couple delicious all-natural scents! Holy Smoke and Aura are delicious-smelling alternatives.

LightHaus is working on getting greener, too! We’re switching over to include more glassware instead of plastic bottles. It’s a process! We all have to try our best to keep our Earth clean, green, fresh and as magical as we can. 

Try out one of our all-natural cleaning products and start turning your cleaning routine into an intention-setting ritual:

SACRED GROUND: Spruce and Arborvitae Floor Cleaner for Grounding + Protection

AURA: Patchouli and Cassia Energizing Room Spray to Scent + Inspire

SOLSTICE: Lemongrass and Tea Tree Shower + Bathroom Cleaner for Lightness + Willpower

HIGH TIDE: Jasmine and Cedar Calming Laundry Detergent for Heart + Soul

HOLY SMOKE: Sage Spray for Clearing + Freshness

CRYSTAL BALL: Mint and Sage Glass Cleaner for Clarity + Vision

ABRACADABRA: Frankincense and Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner to Elevate + Uplift

Each one smells like heaven and will have your home feeling fresher than ever. Feel good about cleaning!