If you haven’t heard already, let us be the first to tell you a big secret…being organized helps you save money. No, we’re not just saying that because we’re organizers, it’s true!

Think of these three big things we would all like more of: time, money and fun. Below you’ll find some of our tips on how organizing in these areas can lead to serious savings.



Think about the amount of time you spend looking for something – a shirt, your phone, that one piece of paper you swear you just had in front of you. Having all of your things in place can help you not only save time, but also help you save money. I can’t tell you how common it is to find multiples in our client’s homes simply because they couldn’t find their Clorox bleach so they’ve not only bought one, but two more bottles.

Secondly, the time it takes for you to find any of these things decreases your productivity, resulting in more time at work or home looking for these items when you could be using that time doing something else you’d actually like to be doing.

When planning your errands- plot out what needs to be done and where these tasks are so you are completing them in a timely manner – it doesn’t make sense to go get gas, turn around in the other direction to go to the supermarket and then remember to pick up your dry cleaning back near where the gas station is. Have you ever noticed how UPS trucks rarely make left turns? This is so they can make turns more efficiently rather than spending time waiting for a left turn signal, they can turn right on red and save money on gas while doing so by not waiting for that darn light to change. Time is money.



There’s so many ways that organizing your finances can save you money; once you make a few changes, you’ll be singing “It’s All About the Benjamins” instead of “Bills, Bills, Bills”.  Here’s some small change(s) that will save you big bucks.

Come on now, this is the 21st century. If you haven’t already set up autopay and paperless billing on your credit card accounts, you’re missing out. Avoid late fees, leading to a poor credit score and higher interest rates simply by paying your credit cards on time automatically.

When it comes to money, use your gift cards (finally)! I recommend keeping them in your glove compartment or your wallet so you don’t forget you have them and can use them to save money next time you’re at Target. They don’t do you any good sitting in your junk drawer.

Deposit your checks. It is not uncommon to find checks at our clients’ homes that were never deposited. Just like Autopay, now-a-days most banks have an app that allows you to deposit your check using your smartphone while you sit on your couch. It’s THAT easy! Deposit that money into your account before you forget and it’s too late.



I don’t know about you, but some of my biggest expenses are food & entertainment – what can I say? This girl’s gotta treat herself and so should you! Let these tips be the cherry on top of a delicious evening.

There is so much food that goes to waste nowadays, simply because we forgot we ever bought it. Keep your fridge and pantry up to date to avoid buying multiples and be aware of what you have.

Meal planning is another way to save money. Having your meals all planned out for the week not only provides you with a productive trip to the grocery store (rather than buying what you think you might need), but also avoids scrambling anything but eggs for dinner and reaching for the take out menus because of failing to plan.

Many times people leave their homes to find entertainment simply because they find their place too messy to have the space for a fun night in. Your home should be your relaxation station for rejuvenation. Finding fun activities to do at home can cut costs on food, gas and a movie simply by renting one at home in your cozy, clean living room for a fraction of the cost of a movie theater and the terribly overpriced popcorn.


Skeptical? Try it! We’d love to hear how being even just a little bit more organized has helped save you money.

Written by Mia Salmo

Mia Salmo

Professional Organizer