Don’t Get Your Tinsel In A Tangle



You’ve decked the halls and trimmed the tree but what do you do with all those decorations after the holidays are over? Whether you need a few new storage solutions or a complete overhaul, we have put together a list of our favorite holiday storage products.



Storing them tends to be a challenge; so many are fragile and sentimental, and few are the same shape. For that reason you need a solution that can be flexible to your needs. We like these boxes from The Container Store and a zippered version from Bed Bath and Beyond. Both have separate stackable trays for easy access and have full sides and bottoms so the tiniest of baubles won’t slip down the sides. This one from Frontgate is the Cadillac of ornament storage…telescoping design…sliding handle…covered trays. Ooh la la!



If you have opted to go the artificial route when it comes to trees, then you are aware of the potential cost savings and convenience. But where do you store an 8 foot faux evergreen for the next 11 months? I can’t answer that here, but if you need help finding space, please contact us for your organizational needs. I can however tell you how to store it. This storage box from The Container Store not only protects your tree from dirt and creepy crawlies but you can also stack other boxes on top of it to save space and keep things looking tidy. If taking your tree apart is one more step than you want, try a tree bag like this one found on Amazon. You simply zip it over your tree and store intact and upright. There are parameters to what size trees will fit so please check the dimensions prior to purchase.



Moving on to the dreaded holiday necessity. They sparkle and shine and tangle and snarl. Light spools available from Bed Bath and Beyond not only help you store your lights in an orderly fashion but alleviate your headaches when you need to put them up next season. Here’s a budget friendly solution for you –  these light and cord wind ups found on Amazon. Stringing up the lights will be a joy next season for sure!



Corralling all of your gift wrapping necessities is key to being able to wrap a few presents between family get togethers and school recitals. You’ll want to be able to keep everything all in one place instead of hunting high and low for scissors and tape. Hanging solutions from The Container Store and under bed totes from Bed Bath and Beyond help save on space when not in use. This gift wrap cart from The Container Store keeps everything at your fingertips and will be sure to inspire the Martha Stewart living inside you.


These are just a few of the ways you can safely store your holiday decorations. Do you have a favorite product that’s not on our list? Tell us all about it on our Facebook page.

Written by Tara Lorenz

Tara Lorenz

Professional Organizer

Professional Organizer