If you’re like me, you’re always looking for simple life hacks that make your daily routine easier. Well, I have some (ten, to be exact) that are easy, inexpensive, and involve minimal tools (no power drills necessary!). Here are some of my favorite ways to use command hooks!

  1. Underneath the kitchen sink is typically one of your most prized cabinets filled with cleaning supplies. This area sometimes fills up quickly and you might find yourself trying to squeeze in a few other items. Take advantage of the inside panel of the cabinet and use a command hook to hang your rubber dishwashing gloves, dish towels, or extra plastic bags!
  1. If you’re constantly grabbing a measuring spoon to scoop coffee, try using a mini hook to hang the measuring spoon on the outside of the dry goods bin.
  1. Different uses for hooks in your closet include hanging jewelry, sunglasses, or belts from the sturdier hooks.
  1. If you find that your seat cushion is always sliding off of a plastic or wooden chair, use the adhesive strip to stick the cushion to the chair.
  1. Corral those frustrating cords using command hooks! Stick a couple of them to the back of the furniture to guide them into a neat line against the furniture.
  1. If you are a tech user, use two command hooks side-by-side to hold your phone up on a wall while it charges so you don’t have to leave it on the floor or let it take up counter space.
  1. Similar to the inside of the under-the-kitchen-sink cabinet, use command hooks to hang metal racks on the inside of your bathroom cabinets to store extra toiletries.
  1. Hang a thin rod from one hook to another to hang up light curtains.
  1. For those of you with wreaths all year long, use a command hook as a no-mess wreath hanger.
  1. One of my favorite uses is for those of you constantly losing your keys. Mount a command hook right by the front door so you can hang your keys as soon as you walk into the house and always know where to find them!

Pro tip: Make sure you always check the weight restrictions and proper application directions for the command hook of your choice. The last thing you want is for your object to come crashing down because the weight was too heavy!

Written by Stasia Steele

Stasia Steele

Owner of The Little Details and Expert Professional Organizer