Kitchen Renovations Part 2: During And After

  So, the date is set and your renovation is starting soon! There are two key things to keep in mind to prepare your house for the disruption: Where will you put kitchen items during the renovation? What will you eat and cook on during the renovation?

Kitchen Renovations Part 1: Getting Started

Are you thinking about renovating your kitchen? I just went through that process and learned a lot. When my husband and I bought our first house in July 2016, we discovered that the kitchen was outdated, and the cabinets were grungy and smelled weird. We painted them white, hoping to freshen up the look. This is a great budget-friendly option if your cabinets are in decent shape and just need a facelift. While that did brighten up the space, the interiors still needed updating. Also, the blue counters and fruit tiles were not our style. So, after saving and planning for a year and a half, we took the renovation plunge. Here are some helpful tips that I gleaned from that experience.

Downsizing And Uprooting

  Are any of you out there thinking of downsizing? Spring is here and you may be ready for some change. Whether you’re consolidating your own things, moving to a smaller place, or planning to help your parents downsize, here are some tips to help make the purging process a bit more manageable.

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Small Space Living

When I bought my first house, I moved out of the city to a nearby suburb. I had a huge back yard, garage, nearby park, and 700 square feet to call my own. That’s right, 700 square feet. I am the only person I know who downsized from an apartment to a house. I love my little house, and have figured out some great ways to pack more storage into it. Read on for some tips to make your small space work overtime!

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Multi-Purpose Storage Pieces

  At The Little Details, we love using multi-purpose pieces of furniture. For example, a storage ottoman is great for holding blankets, books, toys, and countless other things. Close the lid, and it becomes a comfy foot stool or a place to corral your remotes. We often look for pieces that are used for things other than their intended purpose. Here are a few tried-and-true products we love!

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It’s Time To GO (Get Organized)!

  In the organizing world, January is Get Organized (GO) month. For organizers, every month is GO month, but not everyone feels that way. For many, GO month may evoke an overwhelmed sigh or the desire to crawl back under the covers. In the spirit of the new year, let’s tackle your resolution to get organized! Here are ten simple ways to start that process:

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Upcycle Holiday Cards

The holidays are over and you’ve taken down your decorations and packed them up for another year. But what about that beautiful collection of holiday cards? If you’re like me, you love sending and receiving these cards but feel a twinge of guilt when tossing them in the recycle bin. I’ve done some fun research and found 10 simple ways to reuse them.

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Our Favorite Projects of 2017

  Another year has gone by, we have had some of the most challenging projects yet and also some of the most satisfying to complete. We want to share some of our favorite 2017 projects with you. The last 12 months have been filled with noteworthy projects, but a few are particularly memorable. Read on to learn more about our favorite memories and some ways in which we helped our clients reach their most organized year yet.

Giving Back To Your Community

During the holiday season, businesses, charitable organizations, and individuals tend to raise awareness of their particular causes. This is a wonderful time of year to give to charities, but contributing what you can is just as important during the other eleven months. Even on a tight budget, there are some great ways to give back to your local community throughout the year.

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12 Ways To Decorate Your Christmas Tree

It’s time to start thinking about decking those halls! There are many ways to prepare for the holiday season, but the tree takes center stage. One big decision to make is whether to purchase a fake tree or real one. To help you decide, we’ve put together a list of the pros and cons for each option.

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