No matter what your age is, you’re never too young (or old!) to treat your Mama on Mother’s Day. If this is a spouse or partner reading this for some inspiration, make sure you pass the message along to the little ones! And if this is a Mother that’s loving what you’re about to read, forward this email as a not so subtle hint (wink, wink). 

Breakfast In Bed:

A classic yet never overrated gift that can start your Mother’s Day on a positive note. If you’ve got a youngster at home, pancakes can be assisted by partners too. 

Clean Your Room:

You can’t say she nagged you to do it this time. Surprise your leading lady and have the room cleaned before she wakes up (and I don’t mean by shoving everything into your closet)! I promise this will be greatly appreciated.

Netflix & Chill:

Sometimes the best days are days of doing nothing. How about renting a movie or watching something on Netflix and spending the day in your PJ’s relaxing. Ahhh, sounds like heaven to me!

Chore Chart:

Moms, do yourself a favor and set this up beforehand so you’re primed and ready to be pampered. I personally love this magnetic chore chart that allows you to write down individual chores, who’s responsible to complete them and what day(s) they’re responsible for. Some chores might include:

  1. Taking out the trash 
  2. Loading/emptying the dishwasher 
  3. Cleaning your room
  4. Walking the dog
  5. Setting the table
  6. Doing the laundry

Gift Ideas:

If you’re looking for gifts that don’t add clutter, check out our previous Mother’s Day blog!

Group Gifting:

If there are siblings that are looking to team up, find a way to get more bang for your buck and chip in for something bigger like tickets to see a show, a sporting event or a special spa day.

Gift of Gardening:

Growing up, it was a yearly tradition in my family to start planting flowers in the garden on Mother’s Day. Go to your local nursery and pick up some marigolds or other plants/flowers that can brighten up your Mom’s day and stay colorful for months to come. If gardening isn’t your thing, a fresh bouquet of flowers will also never go unnoticed! We highly recommend checking out Pemberton Farms a block away from our studio for any gardening needs!

Photo Fun:

Whether your mom is present or not, a great way to honor her is to have your family photos digitized. From there you can turn those memories into a book or just have them shared amongst each other on your computer. Check out our friends at Everpresent to find out more information. 

That’s a wrap folks! You’ve still got a week to get this train going so make sure you don’t wait until the absolute last second to make her day. 

Written by Mia Salmo

Mia Salmo

Professional Organizer