Purging items in your closet can be difficult. There’s always the “what-ifs” or “I remember when I last wore that” (or maybe not). However, the reality is that the more you purchase, the more your closet size stays the same (or seems to somehow be shrinking). Take advantage of Spring cleaning on the horizon and check out this list of some “no brainers” that can make the process slightly less painful. 

  1. Wire hangers: do everyone a favor and return those to your local drycleaner. They don’t support your clothing properly and don’t give your closet the credit it deserves.
  2. Mis-matched socks and gloves: Let’s be honest, none of us know where our socks disappear to in the dryer, but reality check, they are never coming back. Eliminate all socks and gloves that have lost their mate. Check your coat pockets first! 
  3. Clothing that no longer fits: I know it’s common to use this clothing as “motivational clothing” but if you ever get to that goal weight again, is this clothing something that you would really want to wear? Treat yourself when you get to that point and buy something new that fits and give yourself the space in the meantime.  
  4. Clothing that is out of style: It’s not coming back anytime soon so slim down your wardrobe and eliminate anything that’s screaming “don’t let this see the light of day”.
  5. Anything with holes or stains: Typically anything that hasn’t been mended immediately isn’t on the priority list and isn’t getting any better. We suggest tossing it into a Planet Aid bin to be recycled or taken to an animal shelter to be donated to be used as rags or stuffing for beds. 
  6. Whatever you’re totally not into anymore: We all have our own items in our closets that no longer give us starry eyes when we look at it. That’s okay. Give the item another life with someone else who will truly enjoy wearing it. One of our favorite new resources is SwapIt in Medford, MA. You can use their super affordable styling service and swap out items of clothing in your wardrobe for new ones at their store. How great is that? 
  7. NWT (New With Tags): There are many closets that I enter that have articles of clothing still with the original tags hanging off of them. The reason doesn’t matter as to why you haven’t worn it, but similarly to the clothing you’re not into, give it another life. Take it to SwapIt or to a consignment shop, one of our favorites is Raspberry Beret
  8. Anything that makes you uncomfortable: Get rid of things that are too tight, stretched out, are itchy, have a terrible neckline or just make you feel frumpy. You have no time for that! 

I know you can identify with some of these, now use this as some inspiration and get to purging! 

Written by Mia Salmo

Mia Salmo

Professional Organizer